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Comfort+ Seating

An ergonomic chair is one which meets the requirements of an individual and the tasks that they perform.  People who suffer from back, neck or any musculoskeletal disorder (MSD), the correct chair is essential. We offer a wide range of comfort+ seating, aimed at making you comfortable while you work whilst lowering stresses on your body.

Serenity back care chair

The Serenity is part of our ERGO+ ergonomic and back care range, endorsed by a leading Chartered Physiotherapist.

Harp chair.png

Harp is a highly supportive ergonomic chair designed with user comfort in mind. Multiple size options ensure a good fit can be achieved for all people.

Flexion back care chair

With a comprehensive range of ergonomic features, Flexion has been specifically developed to relieve leg and back pressure.

Sphere modern back care chair

With Italian styling and an ergonomically moulded seat and back, Sphere is the choice for 24/7 applications with some of the best features across the board.

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