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Executive Desks

A large range of executive desks with a selection of finishes from MFC to Veneer. We can cater to your needs and find the best desk for your office. 

Fulcrum Modern glass desk with storage

This contemporary Fulcrum CE desk comes with storage and looks perfect in the modern office. 

Ambus exec desk.PNG

Ambus executive is contemporary yet very functional. Drawer storage is immediately to hand while keeping the under desk clear.

Fulcrum Executive Desk

This Fulcrum Pro rectangular desk creates the perfect look with a square lipped edge. 

Fulrum Bow end Desk with Storage

Our Fulcrum range takes office furniture solutions to whole new levels. High quality and best in it's class. 


The new Ligni range features shaped and radiused ply legs that bring out the distinctive character of this environmentally friendly matierial.

X-Range conference extension

Our 'standard' range is everything but standard, with great quality and options available to suit your every need. 

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