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Work, Break or Collaborate.

Pods are Ideal for an impromptu meeting space or a breakout area away

from the buzz of a busy office.


HenRay by Ocee offers High back units for comfort and privacy. It's curved modules and booths complete the extensive collection to create large landscape configurations ideal for meeting and public spaces.

Era Day.PNG

Era offers free standing acoustic office pods. All pods are supplied with integrated sliding doors and ceilings are fitted with LED lighting operated with a PIR.


Privacy Pods, by Sven Christiansen can be High-back individual chairs or two-seat sofas, which are designed to provide enhanced acoustic privacy in open work spaces.  Optional features include flush-fitting power/USB charging ports.

ScreenD Carrel.PNG

Carrels are individual bays, with height-adjustable work-surfaces, ideal for focused working in an open plan office or area, We offer a choice in work-surfaces, available in laminate and veneers finishes.


Working Pods by Sven Christiansen, create an individual work-space with  a swivelling laptop table and integral shelf, 3-pin + USB power and wireless charging modules or hood for enhanced acoustic damping.

ScreenD booth.PNG

Meeting Booths by Sven Christiansen provide staff with a practical, relaxed and private meeting space. Why not add a "Hood" to enhance the acoustic quality & reduce excess  noise.  

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