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Is your workspace inspiring your workforce?

Following on from the disruption caused by Covid 19, many businesses large and small have changed the way their employees work. Many we find are still working from home, some have returned to the office full time, but the majority of our clients are adopting a hybrid working model. With changes to working practices, is your workplace somewhere your staff want to be? We have seen quite significant changes to workplaces in the last year with companies asking us to plan their workspace around the way their staff are working now. Gone are a lot of the individuals’ desks with moves towards hot desks. Along with the desks, pedestals have seen a big fall in sales where in many cases, they are replaced with personal lockers. Cupboards and filing systems are now being replaced with electronic and cloud filing systems, freeing up space in the office. Collaboration is becoming more a part of office life too, with some desks being replaced with work tables and comfortable breakout areas. We love sit stand working and have supplied height adjustable conference tables, which make great meeting spaces as they tend to focus attendees and help promote creativity. To really make the office more comfortable, using colour on some walls and soft furnisings

can help improve the workplace and plants make a real difference too. An inspiring workplace where staff want to be has been shown to be a factor in recruitment and staff retention and also helps to improve mental health. We love creating inspiring workplaces, if you believe your office needs a change, please do contact us.

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