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The most efficient office storage solution! (Floor to ceiling)

Making the most of your office space is key to maximising efficiency. There are plenty of storage solutions out there, but none utilise space as well as our floor to ceiling range. Sven Christiansen offer their HiStore range available in veneers, MFC finishes and other designer finishes.

Our floor to ceiling storage units are offered with various configurations to fit your room as best as possible, for example, an end wall in a conference room combining storage with a central recess for a display screen or a built in soft seating module.

The floor to ceiling storage can be fitted against a wall or used as partitioning making the most out of a dividing wall. Fit two units back to back allowing storage either side for maximum storage and efficiency.

Our specialist fitters will build your storage units for you and will be able to conform to your needs such as making it flush with the wall where you have skirting boards.

Internal fittings for floor to ceiling storage comprise plain timber shelves, timber hat shelves with coat rails, combination metal shelves with lateral filing channels under, slotted metal shelves (and metal vertical dividers), lateral filing frames, pigeonhole units (for literature or stationery), roll-out filing frames, and roll-out reference shelves.

Take a look below to see just some of the configurations and materials used in our floor to ceiling storage solutions.

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