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Why everyone is crazy about sit/stand desking

Sit/stand desking is another word for height adjustable desking. The reason for its recent popularity is mainly due to the vast benefits that it brings to the work space.

What is healthy working?

Adjustable desking aims to maintain and improve healthy working. Healthy working is the ability to reduce the risk to employees associated with their workplace and equipment. There are many sides to a healthy work environment, one of the main points is to have a healthy immediate work space.

A major issue with sitting down in a busy office is that employees are not taking regular breaks and moving as much as they should be. Scientific studies show that a sedentary workplace causes many health problems such as; obesity, heart disease, increased risk of cancer and musculoskeletal disorders. A sedentary working situation has also been linked to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

This is where adjustable desking comes into play! Adjustable desking helps by allowing the user to choose between sitting and standing positions and has multiple advantages such as:

  • Reducing risk of musculoskeletal disorders,

  • Decreases appetite,

  • Burns more calories,

  • Lowers blood sugar levels,

  • Increases ability to focus and concentrate effectively,

  • Gives you a greater level of energy,

  • Receive less aches and pains through being more active.

However, we strongly believe that healthy working doesn’t end with the user’s workstation. Mental health in the workplace is a major issue to a healthy workforce too. We work with MIND in Suffolk to run seminars which cover well-being in the workplace. If you would ever like to attend a future event, please let us know and we will notify you of our next one.

Now on to the desks

There are 4 main types of adjustable desking and all 4 are different:

Height settable

Height settable desks are adjusted by using the set notches in the frame. These are ideal for taller users who need higher workstations but are not suitable for sit/stand working. This is because they are usually limited to a certain height and are much more difficult to adjust, especially with all of your office equipment on the top!

Manually adjustable

Manually adjustable desks are adjusted by rotating a crank handle. These are used for sit/stand working and can be very effective. However, they are time consuming to adjust limiting the amount that you sit and stand during the working day.

Electronically adjustable

Electronic adjustable desks are adjusted at the press of a button. These are ideal for sit stand working and are easy to adjust allowing you to choose multiple positions throughout he day. Many of our electronic sit/stand desks have memory functions allowing you to set heights and keep them.

Adjustable platforms

Adjustable platforms sit on your existing desks. These are adjusted with an easy gas-lift mechanism. These are great for sit/stand working as they easily adjust and have the added benefit of keeping your old desks or built in units.

Finding the right chair for your sit/stand desk?!

In addition to desking solutions, you should consider the chairs that are specially designed to work with them and enhance the benefits of active working.

Our saddle stools are adjustable and are specially designed with sit/stand working in mind. The saddle stool reduces fatigue and improves spine alignment. These stools are not only great for standing but also work well when sitting making it a perfect match for your height adjustable desking.

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