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A comprehensive choice of receptions to suit your needs. Optionally build your own unique reception counter in a wide range of configurations and sizes.

Ambus reception unit.PNG

Ambus Streamline enables the creation of attractive and distinctive reception counters.

X-Range reception unit storage

The Fulcrum receptions have ample storage solutions whilst also maintaining a healthy work space.

X-Range reception curved unit

The Fulcrum Pro 90° convex can be placed with other units to create an open reception area.

X-Range unit custom logo

Receptions can be customised in various ways. Emblems and logos can be implemented into reception units.

Fulcrum Pro Reception unit

Our Fulcrum range takes office furniture solutions to whole new levels. High quality and best in it's class. 

Fulcrum Pro Reception custom logo

Our Fulcrum range are offered bespoke and can come in a selection of veneer finishes.

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