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Is Sit-Stand working actually good for you?

In our opinion and according to the majority of research, yes.

There are many advantages to alternating between sitting and standing during your working day. The benefits are not restricted to the users’ physical health, as standing can also help improve mental health and increase productivity. It is now law in some European countries for companies to supply sit-stand desking to their employees. How ever you work, the most important thing is regular movement as the human body was not designed to sit or stand for long periods. We would recommend alternating between sitting and standing approximately every 20 minutes. However, the more time you spend standing, the more your muscles will strengthen and then you will be able to stand for longer periods. The general opinion seems to be that height adjustable solutions are expensive, but with solutions starting from £149.00 + VAT, we believe they represent a great investment. Select Office Furniture are passionate about our clients’ health and workplaces and are more than happy to discuss any issues you may be concerned about, so please do get in touch.

Meanwhile, an interesting link with more information.

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