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The importance of a correctly set up workstation.

How to set up a workstation.

Having previously covered how to set your chair up, now you need to look at your Display Screen Equipment (DSE) and workstation. Correct DSE setup is vitally important for a user’s health and is often overlooked. Correctly set up and of a good quality, your chair will help to keep you free from back problems, but if your workstation is not laid out correctly, you could be creating more musculoskeletal issues. Here’s what you need to look out for.

1) Do you work with DSE daily for periods of an hour or more? If so, you are officially a “DSE user” and should have a DSE assessment carried out.

2) Do you suffer from any aches, pains or discomfort whilst at work? If so, this could be caused by the way you are working.

3) Workstation height. In an ideal world, your workstation would be height adjustable, which would allow the desk to be set to the correct height for your chair. If it isn’t, ensure your feet can be placed flat on the floor. If they can’t, a footrest will be needed. Resist the urge to rest your feet on the base of the chair as this can restrict blood flow in the legs and reduce spinal support.

4) Now to set up your DSE.

· Your screen should be approximately an arm’s length away from you.

· The top of your screen should be level with your eyeline and you should be sitting square on to your screen so each side is an equal distance between each eye.

· Besides height adjustment, the screen should have tilt, brightness and contrast adjustment too.

· The screen should be free from glare and reflection.

· If using a laptop, we would recommend using a separate screen, keyboard and mouse. If a separate screen is not available, raise the laptop so the top of the screen is in your eyeline and use a separate keyboard and mouse.

· Your keyboard should be directly in front of you approximately a forearms length away and your mouse should also be within easy reach to avoid stretching to reach it.

5) Is your desk large enough to allow you to carry out the tasks you undertake?

6) If you work from documents regularly, do you have a suitable document holder?

7) Are cables tidy and not presenting a trip hazard?

8) If using a telephone, is it within easy reach and if spending a significant amount of time on the phone, is a headset available?

9) Environment.

· Is the lighting adequate?

· Is the temperature satisfactory?

· Are noise levels appropriate?

As always, most importantly, ensure you take plenty of breaks to get up and stretch.

We are passionate about our client’s health and are here to help. We offer free advice on setting up your workstation and chair. Just give us a call on 01284 767670 or pop into the showroom to see us.

This covers the basics of DSE setup, further information can be found here.

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